Music articles and Notes

Music Articles and Notes

Back in December 2000, one and a half years after obtaining my master's degree in pure mathematics, I started writing articles and notes on Persian music and culture to introduce Persian music, in particular, Persian drums to the world through the web. The feedback from the readers of my articles and notes was very encouraging. Even a couple of researchers emailed me requesting more detailed information. Later through the Google Scholar search engine, I noticed that some academicians had cited my pages in their papers, theses, and books. Therefore, I believe the information is still useful for people interested in world music, including music researchers. This is why, in September 2022, I decided to give a new design to my website and tried to improve and develop the old texts and bring them here. I also added some new notes to make my website more informative. The discussions in these notes help readers to learn about different genres of music and their history. In many places, I also discussed the impact of Persian music on other genres of music and vice versa (music anthropology). In many cases, I also investigated the linguistic archeology of musical terms (etymology).