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If you need face-to-face or online mathematics tutors, you need help learning different topics in mathematics, or you need somebody to teach you how to do your math homework or solve your math problems, my team and I are here to help and give suitable lessons. The courses that we teach include (but are not limited to) the following courses:

  1. High school algebra. Topics related to high school algebra are algebraic expressions, complex numbers, equations and systems of equations, factoring, functions, and inequalities.

  2. High school calculus. High school calculus concerns limits and continuity, derivatives (basic and advanced rules) and their applications, analyzing functions, integrals, and their applications, and finally, elementary differential equations.

  3. High school discrete mathematics. Topics related to high school discrete mathematics include mostly counting problems and elementary probability theory.

  4. High school geometry. Topics related to high school geometry include area, circles, parallel lines, quadrilaterals, similarity, and triangles.

  5. High school probability and statistics. Topics related to high school probability may include conditional, experimental, geometric, and theoretical probability. Topics related to statistics include combinations and permutations, measures of central tendency, sampling, standard deviation, and various distributions.

  6. Precalculus. Depending on the education system, precalculus may include advanced high school algebra and trigonometry.

  7. Trigonometry. Trigonometry concerns trigonometric functions and their applications in geometry (the law of sines and the law of cosines), and trigonometric identities.

Do you need some preparation to be able to learn high school mathematics? This is not a big deal! In our team, we have some experts in mathematics education who know how to deal with such students.

On the other hand, in our team, there are some educators who can teach more advanced courses in high school mathematics. Some of the experts and teachers in our team are so experienced and can teach Olympiad-level mathematics. The key courses for the international mathematical Olympiads are as follows:

  1. Algebra. Topics related to Olympiad-level algebra include a deep understanding of intermediate-level of algebra as well as the functions and functional equations and different kinds of algebraic inequalities.

  2. Combinatorics. Topics related to Olympiad-level combinatorics involve a deep understanding of intermediate-level of combinatorics and other topics like graph theory, generating functions, Catalan, Ramsey, and Stirling numbers, pigeonhole principle, and so on.

  3. Geometry. Topics related to Olympiad-level geometry include a deep understanding of intermediate-level geometry and other topics such as analytic geometry, synthetic geometry, transformations, and 3D geometry.

  4. Number theory. Topics related to number theory include Diophantine equations, the Euclidean algorithm, and modular arithmetic.

  5. Proof-writing ability. One of the most challenging topics for teaching mathematics, in general, and Olympiad-level mathematics, in particular, is proof-writing ability.

Our team has also experienced teachers who can teach undergraduate university-level mathematics:

  1. Single-variable mathematics

  2. Multi-variable mathematics

  3. Ordinary Differential Equations

  4. Engineering Mathematics

  5. Linear Algebra

  6. Abstract Algebra

Online Mathematics Tutors and Help for Individual and Group Classes