The State of Iranian Drumming in Internet


A brief about the state of Iranian drumming in Internet
By Dr. Peyman Nasehpour

It was 1997 that I entered University of Tehran, to continue my mathematical studies in commutative algebra. At that time Internet was not popular at all, but master and PhD students had the permission to use Internet in computer labs. Mohammad Khatami had become the President of Iran and people were hopeful for a change (reform) and having a better life. I was excited of discovering Internet and email and after my mathematical courses, I used to surf in Internet and find some information about tabla, since at that time I was working on Indian music and not so much information was available in Iran. Though I was happy that I was able to get some information on tabla from some websites such as the famous tabla site of Dr. David Courtney, but I noticed that there was almost no information about Iranian drumming and this was a bit sad for me. At that time I didn't know how to create a website for tonbak and other Iranian drums, while I was searching for a chance to introduce tonbak and other Iranian drums in Internet.
I defended my master thesis and graduated from University of Tehran in 1999 and I noticed that there was an Internet-cafe near to our house in Tehran and I used to go there and use Internet in order not to lose my contacts. Later my brother, Pooyan, bought a PC and we started using Internet at home. I found it very interesting, though the dial-up connection was really slow. One day that I was using excite search engine to follow the state of Iranian drumming in Internet, I reached to a website for tombak. Tombak Network created by Hormoz was encouraging visitors to post their information to get published there. I wrote to Hormoz and he answered me kindly and asked for the late maestro Naser Farhangfar's biography. He published my biography and pictures at Tombak Network in November 2000. I supplied my tonbak master biography with a picture and sent to Hormoz and my master's page became online. Later I sent some articles to Hormoz to enrich the information of Iranian drumming in Internet. The feedback of fans of Iranian drumming and world percussion was really positive.
One day that I was searching for frame drums, I reached to the page for frame drums at rhythmweb. The late Eric Stuer, the owner and webmaster of rhythmweb was asking people to send frame drumming links to him to list them at rhythmweb. I sent the links of my articles to Eric and he kindly answered to me and then he wrote me to encourage me to join frame drummer yahoo groups, established by the late Dell Taylor, a student of Layne Redmond. I joined the group and enjoyed exchanging frame drums information and found some drumming friends such as Rick Walker.
Later I decided to publish some of my articles at rhythmweb and Eric kindly helped me in this matter. Perhaps the most famous article of mine in Internet is my article, a brief history of tonbak (zarb), at rhythmweb. Unfortunately Eric and his wife died in a car crash on June 6th, 2008. As Chris Sampson mentions in his, Eric was a very kind person and one of the main promoters of world drumming on the web.
After joining to the frame drummer group at Yahoo Groups, I decided to establish a yahoo group discussion forum for goblet drums and I wrote to Eric about that. He agreed with the idea and we established goblet drumming yahoo group and started inviting people to join. After a while we got so many members. Now the group is not very active but the archive has so much useful information on goblet drums.
I have published and re-published more articles here and there to help the promotion of Iranian drumming. Today we have many websites of Iranian musicians with so many clips at youtube. The Web is ALIVE with music and art! (a quote from the late Eric Stuer). For more information about Iranian drumming, you can surf in the pages of this website!

Date of publication: Saturday, September 12th, 2009.

Sep. 2006: Creating page for tonbak solo video clip
Sep. 2006: Starting contributing to PersianMirror
Dec. 2003: Starting collaboration with DrumJourney
10 Sep. 2003: Starting collaboration with PERCUweb
1 July 2003: A part of live tonbak solo of mine is offered by Octagonal Madness of Chris Sampson
1 May 2003: Starting cooperation with DoveSong Foundation, Inc. of Don Robertson: Classical Music of Persia (Iran) MP3 Library
5 Feb 2003: Starting collaborating with RHYTHMUSEUM of Christopher Arnold and DRUMDOJO of Paul Marshal
6 Oct 2002: Establishing Cylindrical Drums Group
10 Sep 2002: Creating the page with the help of Eric Stuer 
Starting GDG CD Project and then FDG CD Project
22 Mar of 2002: Creating Nassehpoor Ensemble Website in Noruz Holidays
30 Jul 2001: Establishing Indian Tabla Group
12 Jul 2001: Establishing Goblet Drumming Group with Eric Stuer
17 Jun 2001: Meeting the Late Eric Stuer of RHYTHMWEB, then joining to Frame Drummers Group established by the Late Dell Taylor, a student of Layne Redmond and starting collaborating with RHYTHMWEB 
30 Nov 2000: Starting collaborating with Tombak Network webmastered by Hormoz Dilmaghani