Hand Drums Names with Descriptions

Hand Drums Names with Descritions

A hand drum is any type of drum that is typically played with the bare hand rather than a stick, mallet, hammer, or other type of beater. In this note, we list different hand drums names with a description for any of them. Note that hand drums types include barrel-shaped drums, cylindrical drums, frame drums, goblet drums, hourglass drums, kettledrums, and square drums.

Adufe: The adufe is a traditional Portuguese square drum of Moorish origin. The word adufe comes from the Arabic term "al-duf".

Ashiko: The ashiko is a Nigerian vessel-shaped hand drum.

Atabaque: The atabaque is a tall, wooden, vessel-shaped Afro-Brazilian hand drum.

Bara: The bara (also called bendré) is a spherical West African hand drum with a body made from a dried gourd or calabash.

Bata: The bata is a double-headed Nigerian folk drum shaped like an hourglass with one cone larger than the other one.

Bendir: The bendir is a North-African traditional frame drum without jingles.

Bongo: The bongos are an Afro-Cuban hand drum consisting of a pair of small open bottomed drums of different sizes.

Bougarabou: The bougarabou is a set of West African hand drums. The drums are one-faced, with a goblet or roughly conical shape, usually placed on a single stand, and most commonly played in sets of three to four.

Conga: The conga is a barrel-shaped one-faced Cuban hand drum.

Daf: The daf is a Persian / Kurdish large-sized frame drum with jingles.

Dayereh: The dayereh is a Persian medium-sized frame drum with jingles.

Dholak: The dholak is a roughly barrel-shaped double-faced Indo-Persian hand drum.

Djembe: The djembe is a world famous West African goblet drum.

Ghaval: The ghaval also spelled as gaval is a medium-sized Azerbaijani frame drum.

Gwo-ka: The gwo ka is a family of hand drums performed in Guadeloupean folk music of West African origins.

Kanjira: The kanjira is a south Indian small-sized frame drum with jingles.

Kebero: The kebero is a double-headed, conical hand drum used in the traditional music of Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Kendang: The kendang is a two-headed roughly cylindrical shaped hand drum used by peoples from Maritime Southeast Asia.

Khol: The khol is a two-sided drum used in northern and eastern India.

Klong khaek: The klong khaek is a double-faced barrel-shaped Thai hand drum.

Klong song na: The "klong song na" is a double-faced barrel-shaped Thai hand drum used in the piphat ensemble.

Klong yao: The klong yao is a long goblet drum used in Thai music.

Kpanlogo: The kpanlogo is a West African hand drum performed in Ghana.

Maddale: The maddale is a double-faced barrel-shaped Indian hand drum.

Maram: The maram is a south Indian double-faced barrel or cylindrical hand drum.

Mazhar: The mazhar is a large sized Arabic frame drum.

Mirwas: The mirwas is a small-sized Arabic cylindrical hand drum popular in the Arab states of the Persian gulf.

Mridangam: The mridangam is a popular south Indian double-faced barrel-shaped hand drum.

Pakhavaj: The pakhavaj also spelled as pakhawaj is a north Indian double-faced barrel-shaped hand drum.

Pandeiro: The pandeiro is a Brazilian frame drum.

Raban: The raban is a Sri Lankan one-headed hand drum.

Riq: The riq is a small-sized Arabic frame drum with jingles. It was also popular in ancient Persia.

Samphor: The samphor is a Cambodian small barrel-shaped hand drum.

Sulibao: A sulibao is a conical hand drum played by the Ibaloi people of the Philippines.

Taarija: The taarija is a Moroccan small goblet shaped hand drum.

Tabla: The tabla is a world famous pair of drums used in north Indian classical music and in traditional music of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Tambourine: The tambourine is a world famous European frame drum with jingles.

Taphon: The taphon is a double-headed barrel-shaped hand drum from Thailand.

Tar: The tar is an Arabic frame drum.

Tavil: The tavil also spelled as Thavil is a barrel shaped hand drum from Tamil Nadu.

Thon-rammana: The thon-ramana is a pair of hand drums used in Thai music. The thon is of goblet shape and the ramana is a frame drum. Usually the both drums are played together with one hand drummer.

Tonbak: The tonbak also known as the tombak or zarb is a Persian goblet drum.

Udukai: The udukai or uduku is a hourglass hand drum used in folk music and prayers in Tamil Nadu.

Zerbaghali: The zerbaghali also spelled as zirbaghali is an Afghan goblet shaped drum.

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