Biography of Dr. Peyman Nasehpour

Dr. Peyman Nasehpour Iranian Mathematician and Musician

'Peyman is a friendly, helpful and compassionate human being. He tirelessly continues to promote his music on the World Wide Web.' RHYTHMWEB of the late Eric Stuer

'Type in 'tonbak' on your search engine and you will find Peyman.' PowerHaus of Paul Marshall

'Peyman is a drumming community dynamo and gives a great perspective on Middle Eastern drumming.' Drum Journal of Dale Wambaugh

'Peyman Nasehpour is a distinguish percussionist with a scientific approach to performing and teaching tombak. He also teaches daf and ghaval (Azeri frame drum commonly known as dayereh-ye-Azeri).' Tombak Network of Hormoz Dilmaghani

'Peyman is the driving force behind promoting tonbak, ghaval and daf on the Internet.' DrumFest of Daveed Korup

'Peyman is a passionate and dedicated educator and promoter of Persian art music and it's instruments to the rest of the world.' Drum Journey of David Johannes

'And for your dining and dancing pleasure here's some absolutely incredible playing by Peyman Nasehpour.' Kimock's Korner of Steve Kimock

Dr. Peyman Nasehpour, tonbak, ghaval and daf player, tabla researcher, having PhD in mathematics and the oldest child of maestro Nasrollah Nasehpoor (vocalist and master of radif repertoire of Persian art music), was born in Tehran, Iran, 1974.

In his family he was acquainted with Azerbaijani and Persian art music. After finishing the Child Music Course with Mr. Mohammad Reza Darvishi (researcher of Persian regional music), he started learning tonbak at the early age of nine. He was very fortunate to be able to receive his training in tonbak (Persian goblet drum) with the late maestro Nasser Farhangfar, in ghaval (Azerbaijani frame drum) with maestro Latif Tahmasebi-zadeh, in daf (Kurdish frame drum) with maestro Mirza Agha Ghosi and in theoretical old Persian music (Ta'lif-e-Negham & Igha') with Prof. Seyyed Abdollah Anwar.

He has been researching the Indian tabla since 1997.

He received his Bachelor of Science's Degree in pure mathematics in 1997 at Mathematics Department of Shahid Beheshti University. In the second State Student Scientific Olympiad held in 1997, among 2836 participants, he stood in 12th place in the field of mathematics. In 1999, he obtained his Master of Science's Degree in commutative algebra branch of pure mathematics at Mathematics Department of University of Tehran. His first academic paper, M-cancellation ideals was published in 2000.

Parallel to his academic studies in Iranian universities, from 1993 till  2004, he also worked on formal logic, Wittgenstein's philosophy of ordinary languages and theoretical old Persian music with Professor Abdollah Anwar in Tehran, Iran.

Then in March 2006, Peyman moved to Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain to continue his academic studies in formal languages, a branch of theoretical computer science in Research Group in Mathematical Liguistics at Rovira i Virgili University, but after passing the first semester, he gave up this branch of computer science and moved to Germany to do his PhD in pure mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Winfried Bruns (mathematician and author of some famous books in algebra) and defended his PhD thesis on Jan 27th, 2011. Currently he teaches mathematics and music at Iranian universities in Tehran.

These cultural streams have combined with his academic mathematical studies and careful thought to create a very good drummer.

He began his musical career as a soloist, an accompanist and a teacher when he was 17. He is proud of sharing the performances with his father and brothers as well as the other great musicians such as maestro Habil Aliev (Azerbaijani kamancheh), maestro Mohammad Reza Lotfi (Persian tar, setar, kamancheh and radif), maestro Hassan Nahid (ney), Massoud Shaari (setar), Majid Derakhshani (tar), maestro Peter Giger (Jazz drummer), Elshan Mansurov (Azerbaijani kamancheh), Gitti Khosravi (opera singer) and Gevorg Dabaghyan (duduk).

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