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Nazanin Pedarsani Iranian Tonbak Soloist

Are Drums Really Unladylike?
In Iran and some other countries, it is believed that some drums are unladylike without offering any reason! Not only this is the duty of girls and women to start drumming, but also boys and men should encourage them to drum!
Also it is promoted that frame drums are very ladylike. Then I hope this will not cause people to think that the other kinds of drums are unladylike.
As a male drummer, I believe that drums are not unladylike and I have some female students that if they continue drumming, they will become a good tonbak (Persian goblet drum) player.
I searched in many different books to find a female tonbak player's photo and the only one that I found is the photo that I have uploaded here: We Love Drums.
I have listened to Rimpa Siva, famous female tabla player from Kolkata, India and student and daughter of Swapan Siva. She is one of the rare female tabla players that has proved the incorrectness of the general belief that tabla playing is unladylike.
Here you see female drummers list:

Born to Drum: To provide a positive environment for women to learn, to teach, and to perform drumming arts from diverse cultures

Tom Tom Magazine: A Magazine for Female Drummers

Christine Stevens Drum Circles

Rowan Storm: NYC-based frame drummer (Sufi Kurdish style)
Elissa Nova: Arizona-based female darbouka player

Cintia Orlandi, from Brazil who teaches Brazilian rhythms

Easy methods for you to learn how to play drums and keyboards, read music and work with the latest softwares.
Jessie Lehmann *Rites of Rhythm*: She can play and arrange West Afican music from Guinea and Ivory Coast. She also facilitates group drumming therapy as well as corporate teambuilding sessions.

Orientalische Tanz und Trommelschulle Zürich mit Esther Gubler

Mamak Khadem: Iranian daf player and vocalist

Linda Thomas Jones: One of the founding mothers of drumming in the United States

Venus Rising: Female Percussion and Dance Ensemble for West African Music

Drumocracy (Drumming for Freedom): Tanya Schur believes that D.R.U.M means devotion, respect, unity and music. She quotes a nice sentence from the late Babatunde Olatunji - father of the rythmaculture movement: "When people drum together, the world is a better place." Do check out her green and lovely website!

DrumCafe Nordhorn - Drumming in Nordhorn, Germany (djembe, percussion and drum circle) run by Anna Ílerich

Tanz & Trommel: Zurich based female dancer and drummer (Meret Egloff)

Pamela Lynn: Canada-based female percussionist

Anita Larkin: Female Darbuka Player Video Clip at

Slagerij Van Kampen: A Dutch Percussion four-member Ensemble (Two Ladies and Two Guys)

Terri Lyne Carrington: World-renowned drummer, composer, producer and clinician

The Famous Amazones Woman Master Drummers of Guinea

This page has been created on 8/03/2003 for the remembrance of International Woman's Day (somehow related to drum fraternity and sorority). If you know any good website related to female drummers, then please email me. Thanks for your help.

More Percussion Links

Famous Female Vocalists

Goharnaz Masaeli Iranian Female Tonbak Player
Goharnaz Masaeli Iranian Female Tonbak Player

Jeni Swerdlow: Drum mm... Empowering communities through rhythm and play, featuring interactive, facilitated drum circles.

Ellen Clegg (Facilitator/Percussionist, FOUND SOUNDS: Community Through Rhythm)
Lilian Friedberg is a performing artist/drummer/writer/translator with European, Jewish and Ojibway ancestors, living in Chicago, where she is a djembe instructor and Artistic Director of the Chicago Djembe Project.
Sheila E: The very famous female drummer: my goal in life is to bless just one person a day. If today that one person is you then I have done my job by telling my short story.

Sevinj Sariyeva (Mugam Singer and Ghaval Player)
Sevinj Sariyeva (Mugam Singer and Ghaval Player)

Sevinj Sariyeva (Mugam Singer and Ghaval Player) is one of the best female ghaval players that I have seen in my life. In singing she is the student of Arif Babayev that is a very great singer in Azerbaijan.

Layne Redmond: famous US frame drummer.
Marla Leigh: Multi-percussionist (frame drums, Indian tabla and so on...), flautist, educator and composer based in LA/USA.
Judy Piazza: founder of Resonance & Rhythms and a female multi-instrumentalist.
Frame Drummer Group: A very famous discussion forum for all frame drums of the world established by Dell Taylor, a student of Layne. For more info about some members of FDG, please have a look at FDG CD Project.
The African Music Encyclopedia is a very nice website by female djembe player, Janet Planet. Her Drumminfan site has a very good drum links. She has some other websites: and and is the moderator of some drumming discussion groups powered by Yahoo! Groups that you will find them in her sites.
Drummer Girl: A very good list of many women who drum. Many female drummers have been listed there.
Susie Ibarra is an NY-based female drummer and composer. She has worked with people like David Ware, John Zorn, Derek Bailey and so on...
Anuradha Pal a famous female Indian tabla player and a famous student of the late Ustad Alla Rakha Khan.
Monette Marino African, Cuban, Brazilizn and Korean Drumming
Evelyn Glennie UK based female drummer. Her site is really nice.
Alessandra Belloni a female drummer of Italy. An exploration of the music of southern Italy, with performance listings, audio samples, drums. Her site has been designed by my friend Chris Sampson (percussionist and web-designer).
Dr. Judith R. Cohen: performer and ethnomusicologist specializing in Judeo-Spanish ("Ladino") Sephardic songs, as well as in medieval and traditional music, including Balkan, Portuguese, Yiddish, and French Canadian. Her daughter, Tamar Ilana Cohen Adams (born in 1986) often performs with her, on voice, recorders and percussion.
Simone LaDrumma: Group and Private Lessons, Drum Circles and Parties, Programs for Children. Simone, this nice female drummer, has been drumming professionally since 1987.
Safiya, Khafif's second drummer, primarily plays doumbek, and occasionally tar and zils. Safiya is also an artist, librarian, and researcher.
Jacqui MacMillan: Washington D.C. based female drummer. She is a very active percussionist and she has a nice website.

Sunayana Ghosh: Wonderful female tabla player from India

Anu - Bhajan female tabla player (Amma)

Amena Chishty Qawwal: A sufi female tabla player

Suphala: Female tabla player

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